Find yourself stewing over the brisk weather?

Try warming up with some home-made, nutrient-rich
bone broth. This relaxed recipe will help you to 
recover from this unexpectedly snowy late winter
we've been having.

You’ve probably heard about bone broth and all its amazing health benefits.  You’ve probably also seen its hefty price tag. Did you know you can make your own broths at home at a fraction of the cost?

Traditionally made broths are prized for their nourishing properties (think chicken soup when you’re under the weather).  They contain minerals like [iron,] calcium, magnesium, silicon, and sulphur, among others, in a form that is easy for your body to absorb, which can be helpful to your body in times of stress (like when you’re fighting something off).

Benefits of Bone Broths

Bone broths also contain compounds like collagen, which can be helpful in addressing digestive issues, joint health and the signs of ageing (like fine lines and wrinkles).

So, I encourage you to pull that crockpot out, put it to good use, and get cooking! Here’s how to make your own.

Crockpot Bone Broth Recipe

  • 1 pound chicken or beef bones (look for good quality products – free-range, organic, and grass-fed are all labels to look for)
  • Veggie scraps – onion, celery, carrot, leeks, garlic, etc. (TIP – I always keep my scraps like onion tops, celery leaves and ends, etc. in a bag in the freezer and pull them out when I make broth) (optional)
  • Few whole black peppercorns
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar – this is NOT optional as it helps to pull all of the nutrients out of the bones
  • Water

Add all ingredients to a crockpot. Set to low and let cook for at least 18 hours, longer if you can! When ready, strain the liquid and use for sipping, soups, or freeze to use later.

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