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There are two types of primary therapies that are commonly used in naturopathic medicine: botanical medicine and homeopathy. The botanical medicine uses the whole plant in its natural form while homeopathy is based on using small amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body's immune system.

The naturopathic plan for you will be different than for someone else. There may be commonalities, but each healing journey is different, because we are all individuals.  At BHIHC we treat the person, not the disease.

Health-related conditions are a very common concern for many people. It is important to know that whatever your unique needs, there are a number of ways to address your personal situation, including lifestyle changes, natural and pharmaceutical medication, and in some cases surgery. You may have already tried several approaches to healing and found that they didn't address everything you hoped for, or expected.

Working with one of our Burnaby based naturopaths provides a wealth of benefits. Our naturopathic doctors are knowledgeable about how to create a diet that is right for you, they know how to heal infections and chronic illnesses, and they can work with you to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re seeking a naturopathic doctor in Burnaby, then reach out and talk to one of our award winning naturopaths today.

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