Our Naturopathic Clinic

The BHIHC Naturopathic Clinic, located in North Burnaby, is the best choice for your family's health, wellness, and day-to-day  enjoyment of everything life has to offer.

If you're not familiar with naturopathic medicine and holistic approachs to health and healing then be ready for a completely different, but synergistic approach to maintaining and improving individual health and wellness.

As the leading naturopathic clinic in Burnaby, we offer a variety of complementary services including chiropractic care, massage therapy, professional counselling, acupuncture, and more generalized advice regarding exercise, nutrition, and healthful living. 

Burnaby Heights Integrative Healthcare

Burnaby's Best Naturopathic & Wellness clinic

Our Clinic Location:
Our state-of-the-art naturopathic clinic is located in one of Burnaby's original shopping and business hubs; Burnaby Heights, near the intersection of Willingdon and East Hastings. Our naturopathic and health-centric clinic is easily accessible by both car, and public transit. Patient parking is available for free in front, along Hastings, or in the undercover parkade behind our office. Parking is also available on the various side-streets surrounding out health facility.

The Building:
Construction of our naturopathic clinic and wellness centre incorporated many natural materials, textures, and patterns to avoid the need for synthetic ones wherever possible. We believe that the aim of this clinic is to provide a focus on natural health, and provide the smallest impact to the planet as possible.

Patient Rooms:
Each of the patient room at our natural health clinic is equipped with its own climate controls, and lighting. From health examinations through our variety of stress reduction therapies, we tailor the environment to your personal needs.

IV Treatment:
As a naturopathic clinic we offer IV treatments. Our IV treatment room provides state-of-the-art seating for your comfort, and enjoyment. Of course, feel free to bring a book, your phone, or tablet.

Natural Supplements:
Our clinic provides a natural pharmacy which is amply stocked with a variety of natural products allowing patients to purchase professional grade natural pharmaceuticals without the need to travel to other locations. Our herbal/medicinal tinctures are prepared onsite in formulations tailored specifically for your individual treatment and healthcare needs.

In-house Lab & On-site Testing:
Whether it’s a blood, urine, saliva, or stool testing – we offer all types of laboratory testing. We can send you to life labs, or we can do the blood draw on site – whenever it is convenient for you. We work with your busy schedule.

Wheelchair Friendly:
Our Burnaby clinic is wheelchair accessible for those who need it. Please let us know beforehand if there is anything specific you need that may require additional care.